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About Full Cesspool Plumbing Service And How We Can Help You

A Technologically Advanced, Environment-Friendly, Full Service Plumbing Contractor

A Technologically Advanced, Environment-Friendly, Full Service Plumbing Contractor

Full Cesspool Plumbing Service specializes in solving plumbing and cesspool problems for homeowners in Suffolk County (New York) and Nassau County (New York). The company has highly trained technicians that perform maintenance and repair of home plumbing, cesspools, septic tanks, and sewer systems.

Available for fast emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays), the company also delivers affordable service for issues such as cleaning grease traps, repairing clogged lines, and other waste water problems. A division of Go Green Environmental Services, a family-owned an operated environmental contracting company founded in 1988, Full Cesspool Plumbing Service operates in a responsible, environment-friendly way. For more information, or to request a free no-obligation quote for service, call 1-631-378-5765.

Full Cesspool Plumbing Service is the residential division of Go Green Environmental Services LLC, an environmental and plumbing contracting company that’s been in business since 1988.

Our Mission: Protect Our Future With Responsible Waste-water Management

Many years ago, Founder Ken Daly left the insurance business to form Go Green Environmental in response to the water crisis on Long Island and its potential correlation to Long Island breast cancer rates. Ken’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy. At the 5 year check-up, the cancer was found in her other breast and again required surgery. She is a proud survivor, but in the aftermath, many studies linked the contamination of Long Island’s aquifers to our extremely startling breast cancer rate, and thus Ken was called to action.

Over the years, Go Green Environmental has been dedicated to “protecting our future” with “responsible wastewater management”. As a family run business by Long Islanders, this is important to them.

Our Global Commitment To Clean Water

In 2006, CEO Erin Hunt took a brief hiatus from her work to volunteer in Tanzania. While the compound where she stayed had running water, the village of Rau and the orphanage and schools where she worked did not. Clean water was also not a reality. She learned through that experience the value of organic processes through charitable work and how some charitable work/donations can actually be detrimental. She brought a lot of my experience back to the office and their dedication to clean water and sanitation grew to include people outside of Long Island, worldwide. Clean water and clean, safe sanitation is a human right, and we want to do our part to make this a reality.

That’s why we’ve pledged $100,000 to WaterAid, a global non-profit, and make an initial donation of $25,000 on December 2nd at a fundraiser we organized in Rocky Point (NY).

If You Need Repair Or Maintenance Of Your Cesspool, Septic System, Sewer Line, Or Any Other Issue Related To Wastewater Management, We Would Love To Help!

We’re ready to fix any problem relating to:

We’re available 24/7 to take your call and quickly provide a free no-obligation price quote. Call 1-631-378-5765 now and we’ll provide fast environment friendly service!

Customer Testimonials:

“He was very curteous and did the job the way he should. He was awesome!”– Erin

“He arrived right when the customer service member emailed me to say he would. He was clean, friendly, and got my drains working again very quickly. Thanks!”– Marcie

Our Environmental Partners:

Our Environmental Partners