Cesspool Maintenance

Waste management, while not a glamorous or inviting job, is a necessary one, especially when it comes to wastewater. While most new homes have a septic system for disposing of waste, many older homes have what is called a cesspool.

A Cesspool is essentially a well dug into the earth, with brick or stone lining. As sewage dumps into the cesspool from the house, solids collect at the bottom and wastewater at the top. The water seeps into the surrounding soil, acting as a fertilizer for lawns and such. The solids at the bottom are usually broken down by bacteria, so they don’t fill the pool too much.

Maintenance on these systems is necessary to prevent a host of problems, from sanitation issues to expensive repairs in the future. Full Cesspool Plumbing Service provides cesspool maintenance in Suffolk County and Nassau County in an environment-friendly way.

Environmental Benefits of Cesspool Maintenance in Your Suffolk County or Nassau Home

Over time, greasy deposits and solids can bind to the surface of the walls, preventing the water from leaching into the soil. These deposits can cause sewage buildup, which can cause drainage issues in your home. If the buildup gets bad enough, it can bubble up to the surface (called ponding), and be a significant health and safety hazard to you and your family.

As a Green Certified Business and member of the US Green Chamber of Commerce, Full Cesspool Plumbing Service makes sure to repair any issue that comes up in an environmentally friendly way. Ideally, however, we will provide cesspool maintenance to prevent any drainage or ponding issues before they become a problem.

The Suffolk County Department of Health recommends draining your cesspool every three years as a safety measure to prevent excessive buildup.

While cesspool maintenance is our primary concern, we also provide maintenance and repair of septic systems, as well as all of your plumbing and sewage needs. If you’re not sure what kind of sewage system you have, we can come out and do a full diagnostic and let you know what you have, as well as what you can do to keep it clean and functioning properly.

Cesspool maintenance may be a dirty job, but you can let us do the dirty work for you. New customers SAVE 10% on any maintenance, so don’t delay, call 1-631-378-5765 today!