Septic Tank Pumping

Although it provides a necessary service to your home, most people don’t think about their septic tank system unless there’s a problem with it. Unfortunately, by the time that your septic tank is having problems, it becomes a costly mess that can be very unpleasant.

The way that your septic tank works is that it is a one- or two-chamber tank that captures wastewater and sewage from the home. The system is air-tight, allowing bacteria to break down the solids that accumulate. Solids settle to the bottom of the tank and lighter materials on the top. The water itself is then released into the soil after a few days, once the solids have deposited, and the bacteria have had a chance to break some of it down.

Unfortunately, over time, solid materials build up and can cause blockage of the drainage system, which can then lead to backup and improper functionality. When this happens, you can experience drainage issues within the home as well as backup into your plumbing system. In order to avoid expensive repairs or replacements, it’s important to maintain your septic tank system.

Septic tank pumping is a necessary part of maintenance.

In Suffolk County or Nassau County, you should have your septic tank pumped every couple of years to avoid costly repairs down the road. Depending on the size of your home and the amount of waste you produce, this could even be a yearly need.

Full Cesspool Plumbing Service can provide your Suffolk County or Nassau County home with critical septic tank pumping services, and can assist you in maintaining your system for optimal functionality. We are a Green Certified Business and member of the US Green Chamber of Commerce, so we make sure to provide environmentally friendly services when dealing with your septic system.

While septic tank pumping may not be the most glamorous part of home ownership, it’s certainly something you want to stay abreast of, lest you become overwhelmed by it. With regular maintenance and septic tank pumping, we can make sure that your waste stays where it belongs.

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