Soil Testing & Remediation

What to do when soil is contaminated?

At Full Cesspool Services, LLC we have all possible contamination sites tested for all appropriate toxins and contaminants. Before we can get to work fixing previous contamination issues it’s critical we know exactly what we’re dealing with not only for the health and safety of our techs, but to take the appropriate steps in solving our customers problems. By using high tech sampling equipment, a trusted lab partner in American Analytical Labortatories, and state of the art hydro-excavators we can assure our clients a safe, affordable, and quality remediation job.

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Full Cesspool Services, LLC is owned and operated by Long Islanders who have a vested interest in protecting our natural resources now and for our future. Using our cutting edge environmental technology and first rate service, we are able to provide the very highest quality in our industry. Give us a call or visit our contact page now.