Storm Water Issues

Be prepared for heavy rains and snow melts!

Full Cesspool Services, LLC understands the havoc heavy rains and snow melts can cause to your home or business. Large puddles can keep customers from entering your parking lot. Pools of water can flood basements causing property damage and endless headaches. By pumping out impacted material at the bottom of the drainage pools with a regular maintenance schedule most issues can be avoided. At Full Cesspool Services, LLC we’re always available for preventative services before the storm, but also 24/7 emergency service response. No matter the day, hour, or severity of the weather condition you can count on us. Call today to schedule an appointment!

By properly pumping and disposing of these excess water and compacted material build ups we can live up to our promise of protecting our future. Keeping oil, antifreeze, coolant and a host of other dangerous chemicals commonly found on pavement out of drainage pools, and eventually our water supply is very important to us.

We invite you to join us and do your part to PROTECT OUR FUTURE for generations to come by giving a crap about water sanitation. Check out our page at and help in any way you can.

Full Cesspool Services, LLC is owned and operated by Long Islanders who have a vested interest in protecting our natural resources now and for our future. Using our cutting edge environmental technology and first rate service, we are able to provide the very highest quality in our industry. Give us a call or visit our contact page now.